Why did he blow me off?

This guy I've been seeing for about two months out of the blue stopped speaking to me so I asked why and said he's really hurt my feelings (he kept saying he wasn't just after sex and wanted a relationship we've only been slept together twice)

He replied with 'I never wanted to just sleep with you, really' so when I asked how come he ignored me he then replied 'I'm so stressed and busy proper'

Im so unbelievably hurt he kept saying he wanted a relationship and asked three days ago to be together and always told me he liked me a lot, I don't know why he'd just blow me off like I was nothing, I've since sent him a message saying 'I just wish you hadn't said you wanted to see me I thought you wouldn't swerve me after promising not to' he kept telling me he wouldn't let me down this has never happened before I'm so down!


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  • I've been in this sort of position... Met a guy, we started talking and really hitting it off. He told me I seemed like the sort of girl who was worth it and wanted to meet up with me. We met up a few days after, had an amazing time and did sleep together. Afterwards, it was still going really good. We met up for lunch and then chilled at mine. However, afterwards, he started being really weird and we stopped seeing each other. We started being a little on and off because he kept changing his mind and me being a fool, always went back because I liked him so much. The last time we spoke with each other he ended up telling me to "fuck off and get out of his life" and then deleted me... even though I literally done nothing to him.

    Nevertheless... a month later I had received 4 massive paragraphs from him apologising, regretting what he done, telling me he had come across photos of the first day we met up when seeing each other and saying how happy he was that day and that the saying "you don't know what you have until it's gone" is actually true... it was so sweet, I literally crumbled! haha.

    Moral of the story: you don't know what you have until it's gone.

    ^^ I'm not saying this is what will happen, but there could be a possibility. I started off the same as you and then that happened. Anything can happen... :)

  • Sorry! he just wants sex I think. Hit and run kinda guy. were you freinds before?
    How did you meet?

    • Thing is he kept asking to be together I met him online i just wish he hadn't told me for weeks he proper liked me and wanted to be with me (this is after we slept together) so he didn't just get off straight away, I just feel so let down my trust in men is over for good he promised me he wouldn't let me down like two days ago I feel like shit!

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    • Not tinder just a dating website, I spoke to him today but he's just ignored my last message, i just wish he didn't ask to be with me then leave me out of the blue so I don't know what I've done wrong or if he's met someone else :(

    • I think its best to leave things as they are, you sent him a message the ball is in his court he knows what to do. you didn't do anything wrong, next time just delay sleeping with guys a while into the relationship

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