Girls & Guys: Would you rather be asked out in person or over text?

I know the answer maybe obvious but I want to ask this question anyways. :) I know sometime it's easier to talk to someone over text message cuz it takes some of the nerves away that u would normally have in face to face communication. However, face to face communition is better but you risk being rejected and embarrassed in front of the person. So would you prefer to be asked out over text or in person?


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  • I would rather be asked out in person. I can understand why someone might do it through text, but I like in person better. If they get rejected, and it was face to face, they get brownie points. But not if it was through text, because that is way easier. I would much rather have them ask me out in person, because it also more.. personal. I wouldn't be able to say yes if they asked me through text, unless I really really liked them.

    • Great answer, I totally agree with what you said, it is better in person. :) Thanks for your opinion and taking the time to explain it. :)

    • No problem :)

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  • I don't have abs, So i wouldn't get asked by any method.


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