He wants to take it slow and see what happens, Do men not have an emotional instinct when they meet a girl they automatically want to rush it?

Ok so i met this really nice guy he told me from the start that he wants a relationship and that he knew he liked me as soon as he met me. We have only been on 3 dates and talk every single day there's definatley a spark there and we have a lot in common and we instantly clicked and felt compfortable around eachother, and we are very attracted to eachother but it's not about sex. All his friends know about me and I have even met some family members. So are last date was great he sang me a song on his guitar we went got food then went ciname, he asked me if I wanted to meet his mate and his girlfriend for a drink but I was like meh so we watched a bit of t. v then I headed home so that was on the Thursday. Then on the Saturday he was spending the night with the lads drinking and gamen and watching a match that was on at 3 in the morning, so I never heard from him that night or the morning so on Sunday evening i text him saying whats going on and he explained he was up till 6 and he was hungover all day which is understandable but then I went all scary mary and said "if this is one sided ill back of i can't keep making the effort anymore haha" why did i say that he replied "I don't want to rush anything im just playing it cool and taking it slow there no rush is there? see what happens xxxx" so I replied all chilled "yea me too thats what i want hope i didn't put pressure on you" he replied ohnestly i did feel a bit pressured or like it was going to fast and thats why i slowed it right down ye know" so i said yea totally know what you mean it's all good and he was like cool sorry anyway. So now I don't know what to think, I mean taking it slow is a good thing right? specially because i was in a pretty bad relationship last year and he was in a 4 year relationship. Is he trying to fade away and dissapear? I don't even wanna talk to him now because I'm afraid of somthing awkward being said I should obviosly wait until he asks me out again. Do guys not take is fast if they meet a girl there into?


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  • so u mean u r da one who maks all first moves and u ask for dates pretty often? if that's so then i believe he doesn't make first moves on purpose... he was clear about him needin to take things slowly, since he felt kinda pushed.

    so better wait a lile bit like 1-2 weeks then after some time passed make some contact then.

    • No No he made the effort with me the whole time, he was always asking me on dates and he was very enthusiastic about it all

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    • well he did say he was very suprised and taken back when he met me. So I will just give him space!

    • yup... that's wot i was tryin to say ;)

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