Is she interested or not?

We talked for weeks before meeting. When we met the date went extremely well and we got along great! I kissed her and hugged her. She even waved at me on the highway. She even txted me after thanking me for the nice evening! We also planned a second date. Then we don't text as much any more and then she ignored me all day for the first time. I texted her asking if things were ok and that I enjoy her and like our time spent together and that I look forward to our next date. The next day she reminded me that she's not looking for anything serious and not a relationship. She said she had a really late night and an early morning and that's she happy with friends. Then she tells me she might not be able to make the date but she will let me know. What does this mean? Am I friendzoned? Notes to consider; she's never been in aing term relationship, she's got anxiety, she has trouble acknowledging her emotions, she has daddy issues, she's the nicest girl but she's also blunt. Is she not interested, cautious, or just plain busy and forgot? I know there was a connection for both of us on that date and when she texted me immediately afterwards I knew she felt the same. What changed did I scare her off and put too much pressure or is she just not interested in me


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  • actually i guess she was pretty much clear... she's not lookin for a relationship or anything serious or at least for now. so pretty much u might say u r friendzoned possibly

    • I did happen to mention that me and my buddy were hanging out with his ex at the fair and she seemed to wonder why. It bothered her. Maybe that made her jealous

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    • I told her we can do it another time or we don't even have to bother. She replied we can try next week I said maybe. Ball is in my court now

    • thanks :D

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  • Not interested


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