Why is his phone off?

Started talking to this guy on a dating website nearly a month ago, we clicked, got on really well, texted and phoned pretty much every day etc etc we are planning on going on our first date this week but had to cancel due to him needing to work away this week, so when I tried getting in touch with him today his phone is off and normally he never turns his phone off?

Do you think he's lying to me and he's seeing some other girl or what?

His phone has been switched off all day :/


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What Guys Said 1

  • let him call you. You've probably already called him twice, and just leave it at that.
    He may be busy, and he may be playing games with you. Its best if you stop calling altogether and wait. If he calls great, if he doesn't then screw him. Leading people on like this is pathetic.

    Yea and as for the busy thing, that is a lie. People make time for those they are interested in or like.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he was away from the phone now or maybe he was charging it

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