Why do you have to cut off everyone when you get into a relationship?

So a guy and I are close friends we talked everyday and we always respond to each other a couple of nights ago He ignored a text so I was like he will text me back when he can. But he started posting on every social network and he put he was in a relationship. So now I know he was dropping the friendship a bit because he had a girl, he texted me "hey" yesterday with a question mark and I texted him today saying "what?"

im just kind of annoyed because if I got into a relationship I'm not dropped everything because of one dude I'm sorry but I'm allowed to have friends, guys and girls. Doesn't mean I'm hookup up with all of them. So it just shows how the friendship was so important.

he did admit to liking me but I didn't have feelings for him, he brought it up a month ago again and I still said no but he got past that and we became cool again.


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  • I'm going through the same thing right now with my best friend. I know he'll come around soon, but I'm pissed off to the max with him. I think him and I not talking has something to do with his girlfriend and her best friend. They both see me as a threat because I am so close him. We were basically attached at the hip up until the day he asked her out. His gf's best friend is definitely trying to pull us apart. My best friend and I also just have a really weird dynamic with one another and our friendship is, to put it lightly, complicated.

    I would never toss aside my best friend just because I got a girlfriend. He means to much for me to do that to him. I just think he doesn't know how to balance the two most important girls in his life. His girlfriend and me. Opposite gender friendships, especially best friendships, are hard to maintain when one of them gets into a relationship. I think he's just struggling right now with having a girlfriend and then having a bff that's a girl. I'm not clingy and I don't mind that he is paying less attention to me, but I'm a little tired of being invisible to him.

    Some guys can't handle the balancing act of friends vs. girlfriend. Girls are the same too, of course, but we aren't talking about girls, haha. Lol, I too live in a different state then my best friend which prohibits us from seeing each other face to face a lot, but we go to the same school (different campuses) so I see him then.

    I would just leave it for now, but if he comes back around then take your friendship for what it is. Just don't have expectations. Or you could try talking it out with him and tell him how you truly feel. I should probably be taking my own advice... haha.

    • Yes you're right it just annoys me that he's so quick to drop it when I wouldn't have done that to him. We even talked about it jokingly I was like "watch when I get in a relationship and don't talk to you" and he was like "you better not "and I said "I won't.". Out of annoyance I settled him off every social site, I shouldn't have but I felt like I was put on a back burner, we talked every single day, he said it was even a normal schedule thing for him. I thought maybe since I was used to his attention it bother me, I'm not sure yet.

    • Lol we never take our own advice

    • Lol, the only time my best friend and I didn't talk was when we were in school. We'd talk in the morning and as soon as we'd get home. We both hated NOT talking to each other. I know he really hated it when I wouldn't talk to him. He gets a girlfriend and goes MIA on me. Douche. Haha. I totally get why you'd delete him on social media sites. I was thinking of doing the same, but seeing as how have to see him in a month's time, I thought it best that I didn't. Instead I just unfollowed him on FB instead of unfriending him.

      It sucks to be put to the side, but guys are stupid and don't know how to balance friends and girls. :) I was in a relationship earlier this year and yet I still talked to my best friend every day, haha. Albeit, my boyfriend wasn't a good boyfriend and we barely talked because of him, so... haha. Even so, I would still talk to my bff daily even if I were with someone.

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  • Message probably never sent.. Hence the question mark yeaterday...

    And I have no idea why friends do this...

    I've been in a relationship 3 years now and my other friend left me because he got a girl ahah. Trust me you don't need those types of people in your life

    • I sent him a snap I forgot to include that, I told him he was acting stupid and i told him bye. But yes you're right I just hate how that has to happen why can't people have both a relationship and social life with other people

    • It could be the 'falling in love' brain reaction which lasts up to a year

      I read something years ago about people who fall in love are more mean to those around them (hence leaving the friendship)

      Just don't let it bother you much- its not worth it

    • Thank you

  • it might be his girlfriend though. she might be kinda bossy and tell him to not see any friends unless she's around. don't u consider this possibility?

    • Well we hardly see each other im in another state so we have just been texting each other but I guess that could be a possibility

  • Maybe his girlfriend is putting pressure on him


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