The true meaning of being yourself?

I think the biggest mistake people do now days is not be themselves. Not being yourself is pretty much being ashamed of how you were born. Owning who you are completely takes a lot of courage and is very attractive to people. Do you agree that this is very common now days?


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  • I kind of disagree. Being yourself is good only if "yourself" is good. Sometimes, who a person thinks is "themselves" contains a lot of bad habits, but they think that's just who they are.

    I think it's good to take some time alone and work out what you really value and who you really are.

    • If you try to impress people and try to fit in then you are literally like everyone else. Who you truly are is just buried behind all that stupid shit you cover it up with to fit in. Don EVER be ashamed with what you were born with

    • I'm not ashamed. But I also think I have room for improvement.

      When I was talking about the bad habits I was referring to other things. Like, a person might have smoked or eaten junk food or been lazy or argumentative for so long, they think it's just who they are. They think it's just themselves. When really it's bad habits they learned, making their lives a lot less pleasant than they could be.

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  • To be proud of who you are
    To not be afraid to tell the others what you think, what you like, what you want to wear
    To be confident in what you look like and to be confident in whatever you do


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  • Yeah - me being 1 of them but I'm only like this towards family and show my real self with friends and strangers haha

    Before I go on I want to say my family are amaZing and I couldn't wish for anyone else for family

    But I have mummy and daddy issues And thats why I can't be me with them, They have their bad sides and good sides like everyone else :)

    But for me its the mommy and daddy issues thay fu** me up ahah

  • No, Being yourself ain't a good thing, You need to be what society wants you to be unfortunately.

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