Would you rather go out to some really nice and fancy restaurant for a date or have them cook you dinner?

So say it's like a 2nd or 3rd date. Like the title says would you prefer it if they took you out to some really great restaurant or would you like it more if they had you come to their place where they cooked you a nice dinner themselves? I've always thought cooking dinner for the date would seem more personal but some people might just see it as trying to be a cheapskate and not pay for a nice dinner.

This is mostly for girls but guys can answer as well.

  • Nice Dinner Out
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  • Having your date cook dinner for you
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  • You screwed up when you asked for a dinner date at all
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  • Go fall in a well
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  • I'm always a little nervous about going over to a guy's house that I basically just met. Or having him come to mine. So we don't have to do a super fancy date or anything, but I'm more comfortable if we save the homemade dinner date for once we know each other better. I do love the idea though.


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  • I think that having my date cook me dinner would be really sweet :)

  • Dinner out. That way the guy would be focused on me. Not whats going on in the Kitchen.

  • Cooking can be a very attractive skill. Make sure you know if she has any allergies or intolerances, and respect those. Also be sure to keep the food and surfaces clean (meaning no cross contamination, wash your hands properly, etc).


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