Should I be worrying over this?

I'm kind of dating this guy and he's perfect! He's so smart, funny, gorgeous :)
The thing is, I'm not like the girls he goes to school with. They're so beautiful and I'm just average. They're all rich and slim.
He seems interested in me but I'm scared that one day, he's gonna realise that I'm not as good as them or something. I know it sounds silly, I'm just kind of used to guys leaving for these types of girls and I'm just a bit worried. I really like him.
Do you reckon that he'd still be okay with me being who I am?


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  • Just like miss @JosySo said
    Looks isn't everything. When I'm in class there are two types of girls. The group, the popular ones, all loud and talking etc... Yes they are good looking.

    And then there's that girl in the background minding her own business. It's that one girl who stands out to me and interests me the most for some reason.
    And if that girl has an amazing personality, it doesn't matter how beautiful and stunning the other girls are.

    Because miss 'average looking' turned from a 8 into a 10 in my eyes, just with her personality, standing above all the rest

    • Oh and Josy... Eat them strawberries already! xD

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    • Okie dokie :) aw I guess you're right, I mean, if he had known them for a while and liked them, he would've already gone out with them by now.
      I'm just so scared in case he'd get bored or like suddenly fall for one of them.
      I don't know, I'll see how it goes. He's really lovely so I don't think he'd do that. I'm just a worrier aha :)

    • Being worried is fine... But don't let it consume you
      Only bad things happen from there

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  • well he should be... which is why he would want to date you. ^^ evaluating yourself sucks, so don't do it. You shouldn't have to compare yourself to other girls. screw them, and date a guy you enjoy being around and vice versa


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  • Looks is a thing... but what matters most is how you are on the inside