Why no response?

OK, list me the reasons why a guy who's clearly displayed his interest wouldn't respond to a girl when she invites him out over a text message? Doesn't make sense to me he knows I'm gonna ask him about it soon as I see him. Please assume genuine interest here and yes he's single. Thanks


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  • I can't really assume genuine interest. If he was genuinly interested, you probably would have gotten a response. But, here's a top 10 list of pretty good reasons based on the limited information you gave:

    1.You may have mistaken interest with flirting.

    2.He may have been interest in you for the moment, but guys have their momentary interests.

    3.He met a girl he'd rather go out with.

    4.He's playing a little game

    5.You asking for the date may have come across as "needy"

    6.He's been busy with work.

    7.He ignores some text messages (I do this)

    8.He may not like being asked out by a girl. This is a turn-off for me. I'd rather do the asking.

    9.He may be a flake. Maybe, he's got some girl he can't get over.

    10.His guy friends may have ripped on him for liking you.

    I hope this helps. Unless he just didn't get the text, I truly believe if he had genuine interest he would have gotten back to you about the date.

  • How long has it been, his not responding? He may just have his phone turned off. Is he at work? He may not be disposed.

    Maybe he's out of the service area, has no signal. Maybe he's lost or misplaced his phone (I do that a lot).

    There could be all kinds of reasons for no immediate response, even though he may very well be interested.


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