Does he like me or is just getting into my head?

There is this guy I have feelings for... I wouldn't say he's a player; but he's told me in the past he doesn't do girlfriends etc etc One day we joking about on text and I said something alone the lines of you love me, as a joke and he said I do; I didn't believe him as I didn't know if he was saying It just to get in my head.

I was meant to see him the other night and he competley stood me up; I ignored him for a couple of days and when I finally got back to him, I made him apologise (he said to me before he never apologises)

I stayed with him the other night, and he pointed to his eye, made a love heart, and then pointed at me ' I love you' I kept saying no you don't and he kept saying I do, I don't understand if he meant it or was just saying it. He kept doing it throughout the night.. He is quite a cheeky lad when I went to leave, he said when can I see you next...

I just don't get it because he's told me in the past he doesn't do girlfriends and he doesn't like relationships. He does like to go out and party. I just don't want to fall for him if it's never going to amount to anything. What's your opinion on this?


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  • he likes you!