Why am I feeling more like friends with benefits than a girlfriend?

Ok so here's the story - my boyfriend and I are nearing 5 months (not super long but long enough that he should know what's going on.) In the beginning, we would go to movies, dinner, hockey games, etc. with either just each other or a group of friends. But in the last month or so, we never really go out anymore. The only time we see each other is when he comes over at 8pm and we watch Netflix and hook up. I don't mind the cuddles and sex or anything but it doesn't seem like a healthy relationship to me anymore. We only hang out late at night because he always makes plans without me. Movies with his friends, baseball games with his friends, swimming with his friends. ALL things he knows I would enjoy. This wouldn't make me mad but he always makes plans with his friends when I have deliberately told him I'm not doing anything and he still doesn't include me. I always try to invite him whenever I'm going to do something he would possibly enjoy. Or I try planning date nights but I just get excuses. So it's not like he's not putting forth any effort to get back at me because I DO include him. ALSO- this may be petty and immature of me but he never posts anything about me on social media. As overrated at it is, social media is how we share things nowadays and it makes me feel like I'm not a big enough part of his life when he doesn't post anything about me on the internet. I've always blamed this stuff on the fact that I'm his first serious girlfriend and he doesn't really know HOW to have a girlfriend. But it's been 5 months & I feel like he should have a clue by now. I guess my question is, do you see anything wrong here? I've been contemplating breaking up (which REALLY hurts because I really love him) because I'm tired of being the only one putting in any work. This relationship feels like a one-way street and it's exhausting. What do y'all think of this situation?


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  • you need to talk with him asap!

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