I don't trust girls enough to have sex with them. Is that odd?

I've just dealt with so many flaky girls and they play so many games and are so unreliable, have emotional problems. There are guys who are the same way, not trying to generalize here. Guys have you ever felt this way? I just feel like they will end up getting preggers and then what do I do since i'm not ready for a baby? Of course it only takes one girl to change my mind, but I just haven't found her. haha Opinions?


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  • I think it's normal for people to struggle with trust issues but some girls are really trustworthy too :) I always thought that girls would struggle with this issue more though because sometimes guys never call after having sex & they stop all contact (which leaves a girl feeling sad & questioning herself for doing it in the first place). Girls have a lot more to lose if you really think about it. Technically speaking a girl "gives" something to the guy while on the other hand the guy is no different than how he started off. Just keep in mind that there are equally good girls too who won't flake on you & are worth the risk. As far as the pregnancy thing goes, most girls are careful about that sort of thing because they don't want to have a baby while they're still establishing their careers (most use birth control) & of course you can take matters into your own hands by using a condom, lol :) (no pun intended). Just remember that these are just generalizations & that girls also worry about these same things as well! No one wants to be rejected or flaked on but it happens every now and again (but should not define all your relationships). Sorry to go on a bit of a tangent but I hope this helped in some way, lol :) Good luck!

    • Don't be sorry, that was a good explanation:)

    • Aww, thanks :) You had an interesting question (which sort of inspired the rambling/long answer) lol :)

    • I had a chance to wind down today and actually collect my thoughts a little bit. haha

  • That's why you get to know someone before doing something that intimate with them. Then, even if you have a baby, you might not even mind.


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