If he is pushy for sex, does it mean he is not serious?

Ok so here's my crazy story : Met online. I'm 25 he is 28. Good job, similar background as mine, intelligent, funny, confident etc.

On the first date we go for a drink, its great, he pays for all, is very sweet, we say goodbye go back home.

Second date he takes me to his friends restaurant. Very expensive and chic. He compliments me a lot, presents me to about 5 of his friends who are there. He presents me as a friend, but he calls me names like babe etc. We have drinks with them, lots of fun.

When he takes me back he asks if I want to go with him to his chalet the same night. I say it's a fun idea but I warn him I am not willing to have sex or anything. He agrees. So we go to the chalet but on the way the TIRE of his car hits something and we can see it starts SMOKING haha, so we stop in a parking and wait about 45 mins for the tug to come pick us. During this time he keeps saying he is sorry and hugs me a lot and kisses me on the cheek. They drive us back to his place. I get out with him to call a taxi. As I am waiting for my taxi he gets close to me and we kiss. Then my taxi arrives so we kiss a couple of times and I leave.

The next date we go for some drinks and dinner after work, still a great time. We kiss often, he becomes VERY touchy. He still calls me things like babe, love, etc.

Last date we go back to the chalet on day time. He did not expect this but his parents and uncle are there. We eat with them and make boat tour with them. Its a lot of fun. Two of his friends join us also. He still presents me as friend but kisses me in front of them and calls me my love. He tells me later that his family likes me a lot. I told him I didn't want to sleep there and prefer to go home after. So we leave in the evening but instead of driving me home he goes back to his place.

I am mad and say that I dont want to sleep with him. He says if at any time I am not comfortable he


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  • just walk away.