Is he cheating/lying? Or Am I just being paranoid?

I got home from a 3 week trip and found that what used to be a stash of 13 condoms is down to 4. And I also found disposable contact lenses wrappers in the trash - he does not wear contacts and neither do I. Seems to me some other girl was here while I was gone! He said he threw away the condoms because we don't use them and he's ocd with organization and not having clutter (this is true) and kept a few in case we needed them for some reason. And he said "I don't know" about the contact wrappers... suggested the housekeeper or maybe his friend that was over for 3 hrs one day. Am I being unreasonable/paranoid or am I dating a liar?


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  • Sounds fishy. Why keep 4 and not the whole box? That's a random number.

    And he doesn't know where contact lenses came from?

    The bigger factor here is your intuition. You're jumping to the cheating conclusion, which means he's done something to cause you to suspect this (if you're not someone who always suspects cheating with every guy in every situation).

    It's up to you what to do. If it were me, and I'd done enough introspection to decide that it wasn't mine own issues that were causing suspicion, I'd seriously consider ending the relationship. Even if he didn't actually cheat, the fact that I *think* he would is a problem. No trust = no relationship.


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  • He fuckin another bitch with contacts in yo bed. We don't just "throw condoms away" no matter what the case or situation is. And why just keep 4? Maybe his friends or the house keepers? When have you ever seen them with that shit

  • Get rid of this idiot! He is lying to you, and cheating on you! Why did he not go with you? Find someone better that won't lie and cheat on you!


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