Do you say mean stuff to your partner while fighting?

So sometimes when my boyfriend and I fight and i get super upset, I say mean things to him. One time he was just being rude and ignoring me while I sort of had a panic attack (since I was going on to a plane and I have a phobia), and I ended up saying he was the worst boyfriend. Another time I ended up saying he was an idiot and an asshole (for his actions). I felt horrible and always apologized. Sometimes I don't know how to bite my tongue when I'm angry. i guess I would be considered a bitch when I'm actually nice when everything's okay. Just wondering if any of you are like this in a relationship too.

Am I verbally abusive? I don't mean these things, it comes out from anger..


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  • Many people do this (females in particular), and it unacceptable. Learn to better control your emotions.


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  • Well yeah...😂😂
    But generally its always the guy... lol
    Try controlling your anger... maybe meditation, of your in to that... or confess to your boyfriend that even you say mean things that you love him a lot and in that way you will save your relationship.

  • Words can never be taken back! Even if you say you are sorry, the things you said to him/her that hurt, will always resound in their minds! Be careful what you say in anger!


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  • Well, my best friend and I are very close to each other to the point where many people think we are dating mainly because we fight like an old married couple, but always seem to make up and move on. In fights we both say really hurtful things to each other. It gets really bad sometimes, but we both care about each other too much to let what we say break us apart. If I were to have a boyfriend, I might do the same thing, but hopefully we'll be as close as I am with my best friend and wouldn't let it get in between us. I'm a bitch when I'm fighting with him (he is too), but when we aren't we're actually pretty nice to each other, haha.

  • I get upset and yell really nice things on a bitchy tone of voice lol I hated always regretting harsh words so now I'm like "I love you!" Or "I can't wait to be old with you" he thinks I'm sarcastic but I mean those things I'm just mad. Friends think I'm nuts but I no longer have to regret arguments I didn't mean.

    • Lol that's actually funny. Sometimes when we're fighting on text I still tell him that I love him at the end of the conversation just cuz I wouldn't want us fighting to be the last thing we do if anything bad happens to him. *knocks on wood*

    • I think it's normal (maybe not classy) to lash out. It takes tolerant and loving men to stand by our sides. Make sure he know you appreciate him and don't take him for granted. You'll learn to control it and react less harshly.

    • I love this.

  • Thats emotional abuse, just an fyi.

    • The thing is what I've read online about emotional abuse isn't how I am everyday. I say it out of anger since he's done something to upset me. In the end, i don't mean the things I've said to him and i always feel like shit afterwards for saying it. I apologize and don't blame him for my actions when I'm upset. I don't call him mean names ever on a daily basis.

    • Sorrys don't mean shit. You say what you mean when you're mad or drunk.
      just don't say shit when you guys fight. Leave the room, go to the park or take a walk until you're calmed down. Its hard but thats better than opening your mouth and saying something you regret yea know?☺

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