What does it mean/what do I do if a guy who I was "seeing" starts talking to me again after months of silence?

We were hanging out, texting each other everyday and he seemed to really like me, but all of a sudden just dropped off the face of the earth...

A few days ago, he posted on my Facebook, in sort of a joking/flirty kind of way. I haven't responded yet because I don't know what to do. I thought that he wanted nothing to do with me...


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  • You may be a 'rebound'. Be careful.



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  • This is what I am going through and it's so damn vexing. Either he lost interest or had someone else on the side. I think he perceives you as a "back up or convenience." I say this because if he had a true vested interest then he wouldn't have disappeared. He would have kept in contact to learn more about you and hang out.

    Don't fall for it. Been there done that.