How often have you been friend zoned?

I'm curious about the female responses to this. I know guys friend zone girls too but it's definitely not as common as the other way around.

  • Happens all the time, fml
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  • Happens occassionally, win some lose some
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  • Only happened a few painful times
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  • Never happens because I refuse to be a "friend" after being rejected
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  • Never happens because I get what I want.
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  • Everybody always says the friendzone doesn't exist. Whatever. Depends on your definition of "friendzoning," I suppose. Anyway, I'd say it's only happened to me once.
    But that was enough to screw me up for a good long time.

    • its happened to me at least three times until I hit 28. I finally wised up at that point. Haven't been friend zoned since.

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What Girls Said 3

  • not often at all, and im ok with it

  • Never happened... and not because I always get what I want lol, but every guy I've liked/dated has been an acquaintance or stranger before we met and got to know each other, so there hasn't been a friend I was interested in having a romantic relationship with. And guys it didn't work out with, we just kind of gradually lost contact and didn't try to be friends.

    • did you ever friend zone any guys? We are all anonymous... so you can be honest. I've done it once to a girl... and I regret it. I just didn't want to hurt her feelings.

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    • Oh don't get me wrong, it's never been a comfortable thing. It's always awkward and I hate hurting people - delivering rejection is my least favorite thing, second only to receiving it myself. However, I think it can be way worse leading someone on.

    • not to throw the onus on women. However I've had girls lead me on because they like the male attention, male advice, having me around to make the other guys (who they were really interested in) jealous, free meals, etc. Guys do this to girls too. However from what I've seen you ladies have less guilt about it.

  • Never happens, cause I don't have friends.

    • no ladyfriends either?

What Guys Said 3

  • Never and I've deflected advances from lots of girls I was friendly with, maybe 20-30. They can get very upset about it, just like guys seem to.

    • well that's impressive. I've been lead on a bunch because I was a "nice guy". I started wising up in my late 20s.

    • It's a very sad thing but for a lot of people there is a power dynamic in relationships. They don't think of it that way usually but to a perceptive onlooker it's obvious. With a lot of women the less you are interested in them the more they are interested in you. The best advice I could give to a guy (for two to behave) who wants to have lots of women interested in him is to be friendly, comfortable, entertaining and to really, truly, honestly not give a ratbutt if the girls like you or not. Then, provided you aren't actually repulsive to look at or dumb as a box of rocks and don't live in your parents basement, there will be plenty interested in you.

    • yep... but when you haven't been laid in long time it gets harder to put up that front.

  • Bro... I'm a friendshipzone artist! I have more chick friends than guy friends, and havnt bedded any of them. In fact, I can help men become so romantically "not there" for women that I should charge for my services.

    • I used to have this problem when I was younger. When I got in my late 20s I got much more aggressive with girls. Some would put out but many would turn me down and never talk to me again. It hurt to get rejected but I'll take that over getting friend zoned any day.

    • Truth be told, I am actually doing that lately and it's getting better for me. I am unapologetically myself and some women love it and the others think I'm a dick. But the thing I love about this late found epiphany is that I'm also now attracting women I want, rather than whatever came my way.

    • It takes balls to be physically aggressive and you have to be careful to not go overboard (for obvious reasons). However it shows where you stand. Girls can either take it or leave it. The only problem is that I occasionally run into girls who I legitimately like as a friend and at the same time feel attracted to them. I could dice roll it and hit on them however if they reject me I lose someone I wouldn't mind being friends with. Not sure if that makes sense.

  • friend zoned 2 girls in my life before they were both pretty and i'd have sex with them but i want a girlfriend and was tired of hooking up with sluts

    weirdly enough tho i became so good friends with one of them i actually felt one day that i actually loved her... very weird never had that without sex before... but i only felt it once and i knew she'd be a shitty girlfriend so nothing ever happened

    • you're doing better than most guys on here.