Guys, Is this a date?

Okay so I broke up with this boy about two months ago and I let home know I only like him as a friend. But lately he has been texting (i haven't been flirty just friendly). Last week he asked me to go stargazing and light of fireworks with him (just the two of us). We haven't hung out since we broke up even with friends. He said he promises not to try anything but it sounds like a date to me and now I am confused. I still only want to be friends but I am afriad he still thinks we can be more. I don't want to hurt him again by leading him on a second time.

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  • It is more of a suggested date. He wants to hang out but he also wants to charm you hopping that you will eventually change your mind about her. He wants to work his way out of the freind zone that you stuck him in.

    • Spot-on. Being stuck in the friend zone really sucks, and it might be more merciful if you stopped talking to him altogether. I'm kind of in the same situation. She has never defined what we are exactly, and it drives me crazy. She won't even tell me if I ask, so I guess she's just as clueless as I am. Feels like being friendzoned though, since we never smooch or anything.

      Anyway, yeah. Friend zone is a sad place to put someone.

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  • Don't go, he'll definitely consider it a date, or at least tell him your 'just friends' intentions before hand.

  • My advice? Don't go. If you do, he'll think that you like him back and then you'll be leading him on. Just tell him no thank you.

  • It is always best to let him know your intentions, go on the date, but tell him it is platonic before hand.