Girls, how do you feel and what are your intentions when being approached by a stranger?

Hello all, I want to ask girls like a social experiment type of thing , what are your intentions when approached by a stranger.

Now I 'll tire you with some of my personal info :P. Due to that I had a relationship I wansn't much in the game of picking up girls, but things change I broke up and having most guy friends , I am thrown back to the pit with some friends to make some new acquintances. In the search of that I made some efforts and I noticed that most girls when asked they take a hideous , non-respective stand over you. For instance I was with a friend and his girl the other day and I saw in the opposite bench two girls sitting and having a discussion and looking at their phones. So I went there and I asked them enthousiasticaly whether they noticed the jazz festival that was not too far from here and one of the girls didn't even bother to stare at me and the other mumbled no. And this how usually things get along. I mean my purpose is with indirect questions to get to know new people , that is my goal. By the way I am tall and kind of a handsome guy.
I understand when somebody don't have the mood to initiate a conversation with a stranger but shouldn't they be more polite? What is your opnion?

  • I mostly avoid him and/or I let my friends do the talking
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  • If he is very handsome or cool I might stick around otherwise no
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  • I like when being approached and when there are normal pick up lines I usually answer back and start a conversation
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  • I am a philanthropist, I seek young guys and I talk to them before they even approach me
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Thank you very much for your answers , they are encouraging ;P. Surely I understand that safety and protection is the number one priority , nonetheless my opinion is that you may meet interesting people from nowhere and is bad to put names to someone just because he is a stranger, after all the majority of rapists (4/5) know the victim (rain. org/statistics) . Also I urge you all to protect yourself especially in areas where there no other people close by. Thank you for your feedback.


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  • Perhaps they had a bad experience with a stranger? For girls it's always tricky because we never know if the guy wants to have coffee with you or rape you, to put it bluntly. They once did research where they asked what men and women were most afraid of when going out. Men said rejection and women rape.
    I'm pretty outgoing so I wouldn't mind, but maybe they had different experiences. It could also be that guys always approach them and they have boyfriends already or are just plainly, not interested.


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  • I'd try to avoid him if I was alone, and if I had friends with me, I'd urge them to avoid him too. After all, if this is some random guy who's approaching us on the street, we don't know him and have no reason to trust him. It'd just make me feel uncomfortable and kinda pressured into going with him somewhere.

  • I was stuck between b and c. I really enjoy talking to strangers. As bad as that sounds I love getting to know new people, guy or girl. However, I am not as out going as Iused to be when it comes to striking up a random conversation, so I can appreciate someone who does. Which is why I liked C. But if the guy is at all creepy or the awkward kind of weird (what he looks like or says) I will prob not stick around for long. So it was a tough choiceSooo its a tough c

  • If I think the guy is cute, I have no problem with it.

  • I'm always nice to guys that have the courage to approach a girl. And i love it more when they start indirectly asking something or making a joke. I'm aware that most girls are agressive to guys but for me it was no sense.