Unrequited Love?

So I fell in love with this girl I work with, totally unrequited, we actually went out a few times and then she basically friendzoned me, thing is, i find out the entire time we were doing stuff she was falling madly in love with her roommate, they are now together, thing is, this girl strung me along for months, making me feel like i had a chance, its been 4 months since we have really even talked and im still not over it, how can i get over this, also its really hard to see them together, he will come to the place we work etc, it really sucks for me


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  • Friendzone is a fictional place that i have to remind everyone of. It doesn't exist. It is something people have made up to feel better about the fact that a girl was simply not in to them and the girl made the excuse she didn't want to ruin the friendship. She was never in to you, she strung you along for her own benefits and you are well rid of her. While I know it sucks because you liked her, I am guessing you never saw her for who she truly is. If she cared for you and knew you liked her, would a good person parade in front of you like that without even saying anything?


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  • She played you. She seems very annoying and you should just cut all contact with her.


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  • You just have to get out there and start dating until you find someone you like more. I was in the same situation a couple of years back. It hurts but I did finally meet someone and now those feelings are completely gone.


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