Girl I'm seeing is still living with her ex? Why?

This girl and i were seeing each other from jan-apr this yr. (Yes we had sex, got a bj etc)
She recently got out of a relationship with her ex last sept 2014 to whom she was engaged to.
She moved to this city (i live in currently ) for him as he is originally from here. And is still currently living with him.
The ex is a douchebag. She's currently got debts under her name for him. He cheated on her also.
Anyway, we mutually decided to break things off apr because apparently i was scaring her as i was ready for a relationship and she was not. And i was putting in more effort near the end compared to the start which was equally.
Anyway, since apr til last week, we'd catch up for after work drinks, even kissed tongue and all but no sex.
Last week, i decide to move in for the kiss but she moved away.

Is she playing me? Does she only see me as a comfort / thing to make her feel good/positive?

She says she'll never get back with him coz she doesn't trust him enough and that they didn't have sex at home since they broke up, but hey what do i know? I don't know what they do in their own house.
My gut instinct tells me she's holding out hoping he'll change, she's even still got the engagement ring stored away in her drawer and tells me she can't really leave yet until she knows he'll be right with life going forward.
I can't trust her is my gut instinct but i really want to be with her and can/will treat her better!

Forgot to mention im always nice to her, now I've decided to be cold and mean.
As they say, treat em mean, keep em keen.


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  • Maybe give her options? Ask her to move in with you. That way she can end it with him. If she really loves you, and is over him. She will jump at the chance to move on for good.


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  • Seems like you're just a side piece/Paper napkin/door mat to her.
    I would cut my contact with this person ASAP because it's better to be single than dating an emotionally unstable person and getting hurt afterwards.


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  • Brother sound like its time to move on or your just going to hurt yourself she must like The situation cus she hasn't left him of course she is still there hoping he wants her and he is using her for in house pussy that why she is there and here you are you treat her nice and you make her feel good about her self but she goes home to him? See the point don't emotionally invest in broken material lol move on or suffer heart break