Do any girls here not mind a guy being cute/baby faced/neotenous? Do any of you actually like that?

In case you think cute merely means attractive to you, read this before answering:

(Guys you can vote too.)

  • I prefer baby faced guys (or girls)
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  • I'm attracted to baby faced guys (or girls). Or not less attracted to them anyway.
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  • Baby faced guys (or girls) look alright, I could be with one, but they wouldn't be a catch.
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  • I'd be disappointed with a baby faced guy (or girl), I wouldn't want one.
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  • I experience a compulsion to vomit upon seeing such a person.
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  • I'm blind / see answers
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Any other views on this?


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  • I couldn't care less...

    But I do think that women look better with a baby face than men do.

    So I presume you're the guy who posts all those stupid pics of the one model and then the other model who has a baby face...

    Calm down - you have a baby face - it's fine.

  • Not for me but my sister loooves baby faced guys especially if they have dimples or big brown eyes

    • Did you vote E? It'd be a complete deal breaker for you?

      Is your sister older?

    • No she's my little sister she's 14 lol I did vote e but I don't think it would be that extreme prob not a deal breaker but not something I personally look for😋

    • Okay. Thanks for answering.

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