I'm dating this guy &he tells me he isn't ready to commit but I slept with him already & he tells me after we have sex that he never wants to lose me?

What does that even mean? He keeps telling me how much he likes me and how he never wants to lose me. it's confusing cause we are supposed to be just going with the flow. can't figure him out.


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  • He's either manipulating you or he doesn't know what he wants, I'd advise you end it.


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  • People have a habit of saying weird shit immediately after sex. I wouldn't put much thought into it.


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  • I would just give him an ultimatum. He either commits to you, or you don't see each other anymore. It sounds like he just wants you for backup while he can go around and play the field.

  • If he's not ready to commit you're a sex toy
    he's practically talking to your vagina when he says "I never want to loose you" lol

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