Am I the rebound guy?

I have been together with my girlfriend for about 6 months officially, thing is she dated this other guy for 2 years before me, we started rooming together and she would cry and i sort of helped her through it then we started dating, she has this thing on her Facebook saying "i didn't walk away from you, you left me" to her boyfriend its her title and she hasn't changed it, also my picture is of us and hers is her at a club, am I basically the "rebound" guy and should I be worried?


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  • yes you are.


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  • Yes you are a rebound guy and yes you should be worried... She still has feelings for her ex... the way she sounds on FB and all... He was the one to dump him and not her...
    Tomorrow she will dump you and leave you if he even hints her that he wants her back!!!

    Save yourself a heart break!!! Dude... never help a girl pick her heart... in the end she will break yours... its not worth it.. never be that guy!!! Or at least don't expect anything in return...

    Its your call... what to do..!