Too social a Valid Reason for not wanting to date me?

Started talking to this girl in Novmeber and we were casual friends, would hook up every now and then. And recently I asked her if she wanted to start dating. She said that i was "too social" and that frightned her cause she didn't want to be second best. She mostly stays at home or hangs out with her parents, I like to go out enjoy the city I live in go to restaurants sporting events etc. I am very outgoing but I hardly see that as being a valid reason to make me undateable.


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  • Doesn't make you undateable in general, just makes the two of you not a good match. If she likes to stay in most of the time and you'd rather be out most of the time, that's gonne cause a lot of strain. She'd probably prefer to stay friends with you than end up resenting each other.


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  • I do see it as a valid reason cause when you want to go out she wants to stay at home. You have different ways to entertain yourself, and that's gonna be a problem in the future cause in order to spend time together both will have to do stuff you don't enjoy, so you'll associate being with her as something boring cause you'll be staying at home, and she'll associate being with you with being uncomfortable in sports bar or club.


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  • Yes, is it. She doesn't want to make you stay home and she does not want to be forced to 'enjoy' the city either.

    • But im fine staying at home as well, and a lot of the time we were together we wouldn't do anything crazy, we'd go to the movies or to a park or swimming. And she'd always suggest going out to eat and other stuff which is why it kinda confused me when she said that's what she's afraid of.

    • If she only sees you once a week or every other week. 20% of the time she's out, but 80% of the time she's home, she will want you to stay home much more if you see her more often than now once you start dating.
      There's also the possibility that she just knows she becomes clingy and will not want you to go out and socialize with others while she stays home, because you might meet a social girl who will fit you better.

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