Why can't the world agree on a common age of consent?

Why can't the world agree on a common age of consent? Something organised by the UN. I know they are busy, but there are so many anomalies with so many differences. It needs sorting out. Why does the USA treat it's youngsters as incapable of making an informed decision at 16-17 just as in the UK? What's different? OH!! I hear you all cry. "But they are still immature". So are a lot of adults when you look at the divorce rates!!

As another step, why can't GAG introduce a site for countries where the age of consent is 16 and another where it's 18. Then we, as GAGers, won't get this anomaly:



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  • Because English speaking people are prudes unlike us normal Scandinavians (+15 for normal occasions, +18 for not committing statuary rape and +18 for being a prostitute)

    16 is too much, it should be 14!


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  • Because the world can't agree on anything. There are too many cultures and religious backgrounds to consider to possibly pick an age of consent for everybody. Even if there were shit would still happen. Look at America. Little girls get raped here everyday.

  • They all have different opinions of when a person will start thinking maturely and not because of hormones.

    • Gosh!! A late comer!! I'd forgotten about this one, but thanks for replying!!

      Take care, stay safe!

    • Lol thank you too I didn't realize how long ago this was posted. Thanks though XD

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