How do I get this girl? She's cautious and shy and basically damaged goods?

So i met this woman online and we hit it off right away. She wrote on her profile she's lookin for nothing serious and even told me that. We got along really well and after a week I got her number and asked her out. We texted back and forth and sent over 60 messages each a day. We went out a week after texting and the date went super well. I hugged her at first and we grabbed ice cream and hit it off. Then I walked her to her car and hugged her and gave her a light kiss on the lips. She's clearly showing signs of interest at this point. Then I pass her on the highway and she waves at me all cutesy and then I g et a text 20 minutes later thanking me for nice evening. We we instantl made plans for a second date for this Friday. Our texting went down from this point on which is ok.

one day she ignored me for an entire day which she never has before so I left her a message at the end of the day telling her I like talking with her and I'm not a big texter but I enjoy conversing with her and look forward to our date. The next morning she told me she was busy all day and then reminded me she wasn't looking for anything serious and not a relationship and she's worried I am. I told her notbtonworry I'm not looking for anything serious right now either. She said I'm ok with friends. Then I asked her if we were still on for Friday and she made a lame excuse that she has to leave but she hopes its Saturday and she will let me know. I told her not to worry about it and we can either plan again later or not worry about it. She said lets try next week I really want to play pool it's just been a busy month for me.

Side notes about her: she's very cautious, she admitted to me that she shuts down her emotions since she was 13 and lately she's been trying to open up to them, her dad abandoned her at a young age and her first serious boyfriend (only ever had a few month long relationships) broke up with her at her job and gave her an anxiety attack. She seems to run whenever she has feelings and I know she had some on the date it was obvious especially with her contacting me but then something changed and my telling her I liked her scared her off. She still wants to hangout but now she's not making exact dates anymore. What do I do?


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  • I think you should move on.
    Although you really like her she will only further complicate things in your life and make something enjoyable a battle.

    She's really in battle with herself

    It's not fair for you to be in the mist of this


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