Where do I meet decent girls?

I have this amazing talent at attracting girls that turn out to be complete psychos. My question is, what is the best place to go meet new normal interesting women? I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong. They are usually beautiful girls, which is what attracts me to them, but I quickly discover what they are really like. I'm so sick of it. I really fell for the last one and its been hell getting over her!

Are all beautiful girls just like this? Wouldn't want to think so, but my experiences tell me otherwise :/


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  • You probably already, you're just paying attention to the wrong girls.
    Try looking for more quite girls that aren't always the center of attention. And well don't only go for the girls with supermodel looks.

    You said yourself you always do that, so go for a different type.
    Not all pretty girls are like that, but if you are pretty a lot of guys will put up with a lot more, so...

    • It just baffles me that because a girl is beautiful she has to act like the queen of the universe. She'll just end up alone and miserable.. I am probably just going for the wrong type, but it would be nice to find someone beautiful you can trust and want to spend your life with.

    • As I said, not all are and I always thought the ones that are were quite easy and obvious to pick out

      Maybe you should try looking beyond looks when you first meet someone. Maybe that's what's stopping you from meeting decent girls
      What is beautiful to you, because you can be pretty and wear tight, short dress and hell or you can be pretty and wear jeans and t-shirt or more modest dresses. Not to say that how you dress defines who you are but style is an expression of yourself and a lot of guys have the tendency to go for girls with the shortest dresses and who show the most skin

    • "Try looking for more quite girls that aren't always the center of attention. And well don't only go for the girls with supermodel looks. " best thing I've ever read on #GAG ^_^

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  • This is probably stupid advice but try to go for a different group of girls
    the ones that don't catch your eye right away.
    As you found out yourself, looks aren't everything and some girls that you might consider 'average looking' could be the one you're looking for.
    And she might be able to be the most beautiful of them all, because her personality is also great

    • You are probably right. I'm just a bit shallow I guess. Looks are very important to me. I need to feel good around the girl I'm with. I usually go for the sort of girls that makes other people wonder how the hellI we ended up together. It really limits me a lot though. I know how horrible it sounds. I'm probably crazy myself.

    • Sounds crazy yes xD
      If she has an amazing personality, and she's decent looking to you (not all model like but okay looking) you will feel good either way with her next to you

    • Well you should

  • Stop paying so much attention to outer appearance and you'll meet someone worthwhile. Libraries, internet cafes, book shops, concerts and culture events are all good places to meet women with common interests who will likely not be "crazy".

  • Maybe they just really like you. And they are crazy over you O. o

    • The last one fucked another guy a weekend where I thought she was throwing her kid a party and thinks I'm stalking her now?

    • You did not explain the situation well. That's a different kind of crazy haha

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  • What is this extinct creature you speak of?

  • Attractive, nice person, no quirks. Pick two.

    In other words, If she is both attractive, and a nice person, she is gonna have some kind of (negative) quirk - such as, she is afraid of committment, or she is clingy, or she is waiting til marriage.

    If she is both attractive, and has no quirks, she is gonna be an awful person.

    And if she is a nice person and has no quirks, then she is gonna be average looking AT BEST.

    Choose wisely 😉

    • that's just a stupid thing guys say to avoid being hold responsible for their bad choices in women

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    • I don't believe that either

    • Wait a minute, I've known lots of girls who were beautiful and nice and... naa, you're right.

  • In a library mate

  • Breaking news: they're all fucking psychos.