Nothing worse than a feeling you are being lied to but can't prove it?

Dating should be and can be fun but sometimes it just sucks. I'm not a jealous person and I tend to be too overly trusting. This is why when I get the overwhelming feeling I'm being lied to it drives me nuts and makes me feel liek a crazy person. "Maybe I'm just doubting him because of the guy before", "beleive him until he gives you reason not to".

The guy I'm dating told me he went for a movie in the park down the street from my house a few weeks ago. Seeing as we've only been together a couple of months and haven't defined things I let it slide under the rug. He'd just gotten back from being away for 10 days. That night though I couldn't sleep so I left saying I couldn't sleep and didn't want to wake him (didn't want to fight in the middle of the night). The next day I told him this is why I left, and while I appreciated him being honest about seeing someone else I don't need the details. And while I'm not mad about it I also realize I'm not okay with it at this point in our relationship. He was like OMG that was why I'm so sorry fo rthe confusion I she's a strictly platonic very close friend and we were with 4 other people.

I told him he mentioned an exthat lived in my neighborhood before and it sounded like a date night thing to do so this is what I had been thinking. He told me he wasn't dating anyone else, I said I wasn't either and didn't want to for right now. I told him I'll make sure and speak up o thing like this since communication is 50/50.

Since then he has been on his dating account several times a day. His birthday is supposed to be this weekend but his dating account shows he is already a year older.

FML- I want to trust him but my got just says otherwise. Even if the girl is a friend going to movies in the park is weird, I have guy friends we don't do that crap. I've had guys flake on me before to 'go out of to


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  • I would talk to this friend of his. Meet her ask her some questions. If she confirms the same story he told you than your fine.

    • I'm sure she doesn't like him and believe it is platonic but that doesn't mean it is because he wants it to be.

      I have a now married guy friend who was in love with me for years and I didn't know it. We hung out in a group every weekend all the time. He had girlfriends but honestly I came first for a long time. If I would have known I would have distanced ourselves as he (on a somewhat unconscious level) was cheating himself of a real connection with someone because it was enough for him to sleep with them and spend time with me.

      I've also been the girl dating the guy in love with someone he couldn't have before. Just like a rebound it is a relationship that goes no where. I'm not a person to snoop but I would love to see his driver's license. People usually say if you aren't naturally prone to jealousy or suspension and find yourself feeling that way with someone there's a reason.

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