Unhappy Relationship?

Okay so I have been dating this guy (who is actually my older half-sisters' cousin, not blood related to me at all) for about 5 months now and I'm starting to realize something. One of the reasons I got together with him is because my sorta boyfriend/best friend was going off to basic training but I wasn't sure how he felt about me because previously he kinda screwed me over but we got over it. Once he got back, we both realized that we still wanted each other, yet I stayed in the relationship that I am now in. I'm starting to think that maybe it was a bad idea, because I'm missing my best friend as a boyfriend badly. The guy I'm with has a whole future planned for us, and it's kinda nice to think about but also kinda scary. Should I break up with him and see how things work out with my best friend or stay with him?


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  • I would break up for now and see what happens.


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