Did I do something wrong?

This guy that told me he liked me suddenly stoped texting me out of the blue 2 weeks ago. The last time we text ended pretty good because were joking around at the time.


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  • It's highly unlikely you did anything wrong. What's more probable is he had his head turned by someone else that stole away his attention from you.

    Unfortunately it happens all the time, and every time it happens it seems even more frustrating than when it happened the first time.

    What could happen is after more time goes by, you'll get a call or text from him asking you what's up and how you're doing; even trying to joke around and be funny, as if time stood still.

    Just be prepared to hear how busy he was, but how much he thought about you while he was so intensely busy.

    Either that, or he could be honest and say he met someone and it didn't work out, but nonetheless, if someone is very interested in you and wants to talk with you, they will contact you. Simple as that.

    So, I hope if he eventually comes back around and gives you some line of bs, you just tell him you're glad he's doing well and move on to someone worth your time.

    • I mean I wasn't that into him but he could at least just tell me straight up that he's interested in some other girl and I'd be fine with knowing that. But thanks for telling me that.

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    • Yea but I guess its his lost

    • It absolutely is his loss.

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  • i dont think so.