Why does this pot crazed girl like me when I don't even do drugs at all?

i've seen this girl at the bar and she looks normal enough if not highly attractive for her age. but i've seen her twitter page and its littered with references to smoking marijuna/drugs , she is clearly really into that. and every time i see her at the bar i pick up that she is interested in me and wants my attention , although i haven't really talked to her much. i'm really attracted to her though , she's pretty and just sort of has that look to her i like in a girl. but this whole drug thing really concerns me and i don't know what i would do if i was hanging out with her and she decided to smoke up and wanted me to join her. i don't even do drugs and although i go to the bar often i've never been part of local drug scene or ever into that sort of thing. thats sort of why i'm confused to her level of interest as i'm not into that at all and i wonder if maybe she doesn't know or thinks she can pressure me into it. anyways i don't even know what to say to her at this point , i saw her at bar other day and so attracted to her but its frustrating to know what she'd really be like


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  • Not everyone who uses drugs (which I assume is just referring to marijuana here) expects everyone that they associate with to use drugs. She probably doesn't care at all if you do or do not use them. Her personal preference is to use them, but she will likely be completely accepting of your preference not to. Also keep in mind that marijuana is much softer than other drugs and you may find that being around her after she smokes isn't too much different than her normal self. If you like her just give her a chance.

    • i'd say it's much more dangerous... with how mean people can get their hand on it... it's a figgin epidemic! read this:www.webmd.com/.../marijuana-use-and-its-effects other sites i've found are consistent with this.

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    • she also doesn't know I've seen her twitter and all those drug posts , after I saw all that stuff and fact I didn't know her that well I didn't even bother adding her. so I don't think she has any clue about how I feel about her bad habits , I might also need to develop our friendship more at bar to get her to talk to me about stuff like this , if she can pull things together she might not be a waste of time , she's also going back to school so maybe I could push that as another reason to clean up if she wants to pass anything

    • you definitely have a plan... wish i had that mind set years ago... don't lose it,

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  • How the hell does she know who you are or what you do?

    This is where you ask her out or look elsewhere. Don't dwell. If she wants you to smoke up and you don't want to then say no. If your highly against it start looking elsewhere. Problem solved.

    • well its a smaller town so I think she has seen me around that bar a few times over last couple years. its also possible she has just seen me at bar and found me physically attractive and doesn't know much about me , but considering amount of times I've seen her she definity has a thing for me

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  • give her a chance. just let her know that if you're gonna except her-then she's going have to give up the drugs and leave behind ANYTHING if associates with drugs.

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