She's interested but scared of being in love right?

I've met this girl online and we've been talking for 3-1/2 weeks and it's been really good. She said on her profile she wants to date but not serious and she even mentioned that to me. We went on a date after two weeks and it went extremely well. It ended with a kiss and she even txted me 20 minutes later thanking me for the evening. We also made plans for a second date! Our texting was down after that which is ok to me. Then one day she ignored me and I texted her telling her I hope she's ok and that I enjoy talking to her and look forward to our date Friday. Te next morning she replied I was busy all day and I'm not looking for anything serious not a relationship and It looks like you are. I told her I'm not looking for anything serious right now either and than she said I'm ok with friends. Then she proceeded to make an excuse for cancelling our date and I told her we can do it another time or not even bother. She said we can try next week. I told her I'm busy next week with family and stuff but Saturday will work. She replied oh nice sounds fun. Then after 2 hours of me not replying she texted back saying I'll let you know, this month is too busy to make solid plans. I really want to play pool Thoug (that was our date). I told her well Saturday is the best for me but this Friday really would've been better but I'm sure I'll see you around sometime. Then I ended the conversation and told her to stay in touch.
Is is she interested but scared? She's even admitted to me that she has problem acknowledging her emotions and that her dad was never in the picture and also she's never been in a serious relationship and her first boyfriend broke her heart by ending it suddenly and rudely at her work. This will sound crazy but when I met her in like this is the girl for me it was in believable chemistry and now she's pulling away. She's either letting me down easy it she's scared of her feelings. I never pushed her I haut went with the flow and I think the


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  • u mention she's been in a bad relationship... so she could be pardoned somehow i guess... maybe those xcuses comin from her could be really, but keep in mind there might be some possibility she's actually avoidin u, yet she does it coz she's scared not coz she doesn't like u

    • My biggest concern is whether she actually likes me or not. I was certain she did before the date and during the date it was like WOW this girl is perfect so far! Then there was a light kiss and even a thank you text that she initiated afterwards. If she actually likes me I can handle all this but I don't wanna waste my time if she doesn't

    • then better be clear about it, and ask her wether she does or not... and if she needs time to think about it give her some