Guys, I'm dating a Hispanic guy an he told me he loves me?

its been 3 weeks since we started dating, an a few days ago he told me he loves me. I don't want to say it back because I wouldn't mean it, I like him I really really like him. He's a great guy there's no doubt about it that he's the only guy I want to be with. But I don't know what love is I'm new at this I've been through a lot of jerks that never said they loved me. He tells me I'm beautiful he texts me good morning an goodnight. I love the things he does for me it makes me feel so special. He makes me happy an comfortable in my own skin, there's this light that just glows within me when I talk to him. But do I love him? What is love? Does he even really love me?

It doesn't matter anyway he was just like the others a lost cause. But I've met someone who's been a friend a while, an we've been chatting with each other everyday now.


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  • He's Hispanic and he told you he loves you? He's just using you. Hispanic guys do that. Lol jk
    It sounds to me like you're over thinking this. There's not something to "get" about love. If you're trying to figure out what love is, you're over thinking it. In the words of Pooh bear, "You don't spell love. You feel it."


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  • The color of his skin has nothing to do with it... When you love some one you know, however, that isn't going to stop me from quoting J. Spellfield...

    " Tender is loves sweet embrace
    Red like wine
    And sweet like a meadow

    Young like a faun is loves nature
    Passionate as a dance
    And joyous as a child

    Undeniable is loves trueness
    Strong like a colt
    And lasting is it's presence

    Such beauty is love
    Such joy and happiness is love
    Oh such passion is the youth in love."

    • I'm not racist I'm Hispanic to but my friend told me Hispanic guys are more open to there feelings

  • What does all this have to do with him being Hispanic? lol

    • My friend says Hispanic guys are more sensitive an that's why they say they love you even when it's to early

  • He's hispanic , maybe he doesn't want to steal your car just your heart

  • I think u r confused leave it to time and listen ur heart it always says truth

  • Should watch moulin rouge

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