Whats a good idea for a cheap date night?

I'm on a low budget as is my girlfriend but its our date night and we both agree a night of Netflix, snacks, and a movie is getting old plus my suite mates are back and taking summer classes so I dknt want to bother them. We're both at least 21 and can get in anywhere and I'm able to spend about 30 dollars. So what should we do on a Tuesday night?



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  • go for a walk (park or beach or nature of sum kind preferable)
    Picnic sumwhere (if it's at night star gaze)
    go to a fair (this one is a bit of a stretch)
    go find a place with a rock climbing wall that is cheap
    ice skating
    go out for ice cream
    go to a zoo
    do sumthin from your/her bucket list
    2 for $20 at whatever restaurant that is at lol

    I'd suggest snacks/fast food place to pair with any of those that don't have food involved already.

    • We dicedied on a drinks cause her brother bartends ang gives us discounts and then mini golf. It was very buzzed minigolf in my case.

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    • I was trashed lol. 3 long islands kinda made it tough to win so I let her win this time.

    • Try a 4 horsemen next time homie... you'll be fucking blasted

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  • ice-skating

    • Minigolf we decided after a few drinks of course so we get a good buzz.

    • I don't know if its a good idea but too late.

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  • Starbucks, diners, walk and talk somewhere romantic.

    Cooking her dinner at her place or yours is always a huge plus. You could also just let her take the reigns.

  • You could go bowling, or arcade, or get drinks, or go to a movie, or get ice cream and go for a long walk, picnic at the beach or the park... endless. Sometimes less is more.

    • We decided on a few drinks then mini golf. A bad combo but oh well.

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    • She's driving now lol it was 2.00 long islands cause her brother worked the bar so 3 long islands and golf my turn out badly.

    • OR it might turn out freakin awesome lol

  • Go to the beach. Light up a few candles. Watch sunset. Build sand castles.

    DON'T have sex. Sand + friction isn't a good combo.

    • I wish lol were in Ohio its pouring outside.