Me and my girlfriend got into a huge argument inside the car and she got a bit physical with me and I kicked her out of the car, what should I do now?

Last night me and my girlfriend got into this big argument. She got a bit physical with me so i pulled over at the side of the road and i forced her out of my car and made her walk 5 minutes to her house. My friend was also in the car and i felt she embarssed me. Today i feel bad a bit cause it was night time and something could have happend to her and i should of brang her home anyways. An hour ago she texted me saying she wants to talk to me and she didn't mea to act that way. What should i do? Should i go and talk or leave it for another day.

Anyone else can help out please?


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  • You better grovel. That's seriously jacked up. Be the bigger man, ignore her til you can talk to her, throw her in the trunk, whatever man. Don't kick her out of the car at night. Apologize. She should def apologize for getting physical or whatever, but you need to talk it out with her asap. She might start feeling like you'll dip out at the slightest provocation which may make her rethink furthering her relationship with you.

    • but what if her getting physical was affecting his driving and made them get into an accident?

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    • Was she punching you in the eye or something? Karate chopping your throat? Throw her ass in the back or tie her to the roof. I stand by what I said, she might be insecure and a psycho drunk but you don't kick her out of the car for that. You def don't do that if she'd been drinking. In the future, please bear in mind that no matter what happens (usually) you can always talk it out after the fact. If she's getting physical then pull over or something, don't let her jeopardize your safety and all but don't jeopardize HER safety. You get what I'm saying?

    • yup i understand

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  • I wouldn't have ever kicked someone out in the middle of the road. That was dumb to do. On the flip side, I would dump her for being physical with you.

    • no i can't dump her and i was wrong for doing that at night time cause it could of been dangerous for her. i will apologize tomorrow

    • I don't see why you can't dump her, but that's your choice. No one should put their hands on you and you should make that very clear to her. If you're apologizing, she needs to apologize as well.

    • yeah she will, she already kinda did first

  • i think you should've made her sit in the back so if she kept getting physical your friend could restrain her

  • Control your anger. It was really dangerous at night to kick your girlfriend out of the car cause what if someone with a weapon could have attacked her? I'm going to say you two have to apologise to each other!😟

    • yeah i thought about that today cause something could have happened to her out night. When we walk together at night she evens tells me she's scared to be alone. I guess i will just apologize in person

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