Is it fair to expect a guy to be vocal about his feelings for someone?

There's a lot more to this story than any of you would really care to read, but basically the guy that I liked recently ended up talking to one of my friends about his feelings for me in the past. According to him, he had really liked me and made his attraction to me obvious. I'll admit he did make the attraction part fairly clear, but if he truly did have feelings for me and wanted a relationship it never came out of his mouth. He was very bitter when he talked to my friend and thought that I had rejected him, when in truth I just had my guard up because I didn't know how he actually felt. Is it wrong to expect a guy to speak up and actually say something? I'm just not really sure if I did something wrong here.


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  • notalways... wot if he's a shy guy who cannot xpress it by words? if u see and u believe he's interested and yet he doesn't make any move... guess u should be da one who should make da first move instead of waitin


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