Is it because I'm too sensitive?

I have a hard time finding girls who like me. I'd say I have slightly below average looks, but for many guys, that's not necessarily a problem. I like writing poems, painting, talking about philosophical topics, reading, and watching anime like Clannad or Studio Ghibli films. The main thing I want in life is a wife to cuddle with at night and a couple of children to care for. Do I have problems finding girls because I'm too sensitive and not manly?


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  • Hey, first of all, Clannad :) (You can tell by the avatar that I have a soft spot for it).

    I don't necessarily think that it's because you're too sensitive and not manly, but it might be because the things you're doing aren't necessarily things girls are wanting to do, and they're not really group things - you might end up just doing the same thing in the same room but not actually interacting. When you enter a new relationship, it's supposed to be exciting and both people are supposed to be wooed and all of that, so maybe looking into some more outgoing activities that involve you interacting to do them would be useful. You don't always want to feel too comfortable at the beginning of the relationship.

    I also think that it might be a confidence issue. I don't really have anything to say that you're not confident except maybe rating yourself below average and wondering if you're too sensitive - chances are girls aren't going to care that you like doing those things, or that you want to get married and have a family because that's what a lot of girls want eventually too and having a guy who wants that is a lot easier than having a guy who doesn't and drags his heels to avoid commitment :)


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