This girl is really confusing me?

I have been seeing this girl for over 2 months now. The first month and a bit were great... we were dating and it was fun. Then she started becoming distant and it was wierding me out. So we had "the talk" I said that I wanted to take things further... she said she wasn't sure if we had "chemistry" (?) and said that we should be friends. To be honest... I wasn't sure what she meant about being friends so i said ok and figured I would try it out...

Since then... we have been talking everyday on the phone and through text. We have hung out every weekend. One night a couple of weeks ago... we were out for dinner/drinks and later that evening we made out and she slept over (no sex, just fooling around and we fell asleep). I thought she may have changed her mind but then the following weekend we were at a house party and I tried kissing her... and she pulled away. She did come over the following evening, but I didn't try anything cause I wasn't sure. Tonight we watched a movie and same thing. were also planning on going out again on the weekend... where I may try again getting close to her.

What does she want? U think she is still interested... or just playing me? Even after 2 mths of communication everyday... she still won't add me on FB (thought we were friends at least). But at the same time... if she isn't interested, then why is she still talking to me everyday and still agreeing to hang out with me? Im confused...


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  • Maybe she has trust issues or is even scared to be in a relationship. I feel she is uncertain as to what she wants. But, she hasn't added you in Facebook for 2months is kind of weird unless she hardly goes on. It could either be that or she knows your always going to be there whenever she wants you. Talk to her and tell her what she truly considers you now or else your still going to continue in the same cycle and left with questions. Communicate with her and talk to her about her actions and if she doesn't give you a clear answer well goodbye because a friend doesn't do that unless they have feelings or she's just being a tease. Good luck :)


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  • She's toying with you and she's loving the attention she's getting. She can throw you from the "maybe I like him" to the friendzone when she wants. You're NOT being the man.

    First mistake you did was to have this insecure "talk". A woman wants to feel free. All a man has to do is court her and then she'll make the decision whether the relationship becomes official or not, not the other way round.

    Second mistake is that you accepted her friendship request. You literally put yourself as her best guy friend.

    Third mistake is that you haven't let her know that you don't want to be friends, that you want her as more.

    If I was were you I'd tell her straight up that you can't be friends with her because you physically like her. But that she can contact you if she changes her mind.



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  • You are convenient for her. She hangs out with you at HER leisure and doesn't really want to pursue anything further than what is. She likes the fact that you cater to her ego and are essentially up her ass. If you want to know for sure. Cancel your weekend plans and say that something came up. See how she reacts.

  • She is using u or she is happy when u are around.
    but not enough to be in a relationship


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