Is this guy just very awkward and nervous, or is he playing games?

There is a guy who I began chatting to online after my long term relationship ended. For the first few weeks we would stay up and talk until dawn on some nights. Generally speaking we talked every day, and sent thousands of messages back and forth. Despite living only an hour apart, we went 4 months before ever meeting up, and this meet up was less of a date, and more of a chance happening that we both planned to attend the same event (though we did know one another was going beforehand). He bought me a drink and we chatted for a few minutes, but I had come with a friend, so he and I didn't chat too long. He later messaged me and told me that I looked cute that night while we were having a usual talk online. Fast forward another 4 months, and we were talking less than before (though still every day), and his answers became shorter. We also hadn't seen each other again from the 4 months prior. Because of this, I began to dismiss the crush I developed on him, and told myself that our flirtation was not anything serious... Otherwise he would have tried something by then. However, yet again it so happened that he and I had plans to attend the same event. It was an out of state convention for a weekend. We ended up spending every day of this weekend together, despite him having a number of other friends there. He was very quiet most of the time. He did however do things like pay for me and say a few nice things. At night he would walk me to my room and give a hug. On the last night he kissed me. He said he had a great time with me that weekend when we both got back home and that he hopes I know that and felt the same. Its now 2 months later and though we still talk every day, it's even less than before. I asked him if he would still like to continue talking/try to see eachother and he gave a solid "yes" answer but has made no actual plan. He is awkward and said he is not good at making moves but I think I made it easy for him to do so if he actually wanted to. Thoughts?


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  • in those events u mentioned u weren't alone... u were either wid a friend of urs.. or there were friends of his around. so u couldn't do much.

    anyway all those signs he's givin u r positive... u still talk (probably he might be busy lately) and he gave u a hug as well... so when he said "yes"... it probably means he might be waitin for u to arrange plans and not dat he's not interesed...


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