She never initiate contact?

I met Charlotte 7 months ago and was intensively tested via the busy excuses, frequent flakes with offered of alternatives and so on. the tests have gone down intensively which make me happy for the past tree months. We live 5 hours from each other and i made an effort to go see her on three occasions despite my busy schedule. The problem is that i feel like i put so much effort calling and inviting her but she she never initiate contact although she is responsive. sometimes i even joke about her not calling me but still no result. we can spent weeks without talking to each other. last month she promised to come visit me and not only did she not come, she did not even bother to inform me she was not coming. i have been told this type of girl ( very traditional and religious) expect men to always take initiatives, however, i reached a point where i feel like i am wasting my time. My guts tell me i am her second option and to move on. . at the beginning of the courtship she visited my town, did not even call me but only responded to my texts stating that she is on her back to her town. this text came after i was wondering if i had done anything wrong to her due her unexpected and sudden silence. Please advise it has been 7 months so far.


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  • She doesn't feel the same way, I think deep down you know this. You have made the effort and you deserve some back. Tell her you are fed up and leave, she will either get a shock and start and make an effort or she won't care... either way you are moving along which is good for you


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