Girls, When you take a guy out shopping?

When you really wanted him to come with you, cause you really dig his style and you are the who inv him for a couple of shopping dates? Do you like him then or not?
And in the shops, would you have him rather help you or would you let him run free like a dog?

  • I do like him (otherwise i wouldn't make the time during weekend for him)
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  • Na, he's easily available, he's just a friend
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  • I go out shopping with my male friends all the time. They actually like shopping and we help eachother out with clothing (even though the guys are not always as great with picking out clothing). So no, it doesn't automatically means she likes you.
    I would rather to have him help me or look for himself. I hate it if he has to wait for me outside the fitting rooms.

    • okay and are you the one setting up those shopping dates or?

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    • No not at all. I must say we often go shopping with a group or something, but sometimes I just shop with my best friend.

    • well bravo, should be more girls like you :p

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  • if you like this girl you should help her and say 'you would look amazing in this' and she will take the compliments :)

  • sure why not

    • im not SURE which option you choose :p