Ever liked somebody so much to the point where you can't be with them?

Ever liked somebody so much it made you nervous and the thought of things going badly just made you not wanna date them at all?

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  • I've had giys I've realy liked a lot and they seem to be really attracted to me (wide eyed stares, smiles, etc) but then won't go out with me... maybe that explains it?
    One of the "attracted to you but won't go out with you" guys later told me, when I was with someone else that he doesn't go out with pretty girls as they will leave him when someone better comes along and the ugly girl has less opportunities... and the opportunities she has will be less likely to be better than him. WTF?

    • That's where I am I think, lol don't mean to be cocky but I am more attractive than the girl who is nervous about dating me.

    • If she is less attractive than you, why do you want to date her?

    • Cause im not shallow, she has a good personality and she's sweet. I mean she is pretty but people who've seen us say I could do better, but that means nothing to me and apparently maybe a lot to her.

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  • That's how my first love (or rather infatuation) ended. We met in HS, she crushed on me too but didn't want to date in HS. By the time we both got in college, I started avoiding her. We both found other persons.


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  • My bff she's like a sister to me😊