Does age matter in a relationship if you both truly love each other?

So I'm 16 and he's like 25 and we've been dating but he lives 3 hours away so no physical. Ad we both truly live each other. It's not about sex. We've talked about EVERYTHING and basically be said he would marry me and that we would wait to get Married to have sex so yeah. I really completely adore him but he said we can't be together because of age. Is this fair? Can a 16 year old be with a 25 year old. Mind you I'd be 22 and he'd be 31 when we TRULY be together and like maybe get married I'd whatever. :(


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  • Yes age matters when you're 16. I'm 22, and I was in the same position you are at 17, and the guy was 24. The levels of maturity, needs, wants and expectations are completely off. I thought it was the best idea ever when I was your age too. Turns out, no 25 year old with good intentions is interested in someone who is 16. I regret making that mistake to this day. It was a good learning experience. Let me tell you, nothing good came of that situation for me. Follow your heart but prepare yourself for disapointment, stupidness and the harsh reality of real life.


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  • This is very tough subject, because ultimately it's not up to our opinions, but the one of the guy you love. Now personally, I know couples who are between 10-20 years apart, but happily married. I also know other couples at that age range who end up splitting. It could work, it just depends on if the two of you can be together. It does sound like you two like being around each other. It could be an age opinion. Have you asked him if he would marry you when you are in your twenties? Is it the fact you're 9 years apart that he can't stand? Or is it the fact that you're 16? Many people believe 16 is too young a age to know what you really want, and find 16 year olds very immature about their choices and such. How long have you two dated for? And are you sure he feels the same way you feel about him? Has he actually told you his feelings towards you? Because if he said age is a problem, why would you two be going out in the first place?

  • That's not bad, age really doesn't matter, you just need to be careful and always use condoms always.

    • Are you serious?! You only agreed with that statement because you are the same age as her! Don't worry, you still have some growing up to do... the both of you actually!

    • Yeah I'm serious, always use condoms.