How to figure out what she likes?

I have liked this girl for a little while now. We are well acquainted but not really friends yet. I would like to get to know her better in general before I ask her on a date. I have asked her to hang out with a group but she generally doesn't want to do the stuff we are doing. How can I find out what she likes to do so I can arrange the group plans accordingly?
PS: I don't know many of her friends I am good friends with her brother but he is no help when it comes to knowing what she does for fun.


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  • Oh you are so sweet... you have missed the point... its not that she doesn't want to do stuff, she doesn't want to do stuff with the group! privacy and all of that!

    I suggest going to a movie together, just you and her... a date is not a massive deal! this is how you get to know one another :)

    • Well if that's the case what do I say to her, I can't really see her in person that much so should I text or what? this is probably the first girl I really liked so I don't really have the experience of asking a girl out

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    • I have, he's alright with it he's just afraid that she might reject me and that'll make things weird but I'm not worried about rejection. If she rejects me at least I know right? Haha

    • exactly :)

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