I feel pathetic for not being able to move on from my casual relationship. Any advice?

I even saw that this girl (one of the girls he's dating) is posting pics of the guy. They seem going out very often and im kind of jealous because he is no longer interested to me. We haven't been talking in 2 months, i know i should be moving on but i just miss him.

I feel bitter too because im prettier than that girl.

It kills me inside thinking that I won't see him again.

I tried dating other guys but all are no good, at the end of the day, it's still him.

He lost interest to me because of something I asked him. He maybe assumed that im too clingy and needy, which is not. I didn't go mental nor harass him with calls and texts. I was very calm at dealing my feelings.

Would he come around? Is there still hope? We hit it off actually. We had a really good chemistry.


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  • Yeah, being "prettier" doesn't mean shit. Sorry if you didn't get the memo.

    But you need to move on. Sorry, he isn't interested and won't come back. He wouldn't be fucking another girl's pussy if he wanted you instead.

    Stop trying to compare new guys to him. That's why those other guys have been "no good." You aren't judging them based upon who they are, but on who they aren't. No guy can win your heart based on that criteria.

    • He did tell me that he is not looking for a serious relationship but if one of his dates become deeper, he will take time to think about it. I guess I was too smart for his games, thats why he decided to just suddenly disappear, im pretty straight forward to him and its taking him aback, he doesn't like confronting. Been really trying to forget him but easier said than done. and you are right about the comparing part.. i will put your advice in my mind.

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  • currently in the same situation!! I hope all works out for you. i feel as if Im in a bottomless pit

    • It's insane right.

    • i wish he would just come back to me but he won't

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  • Don't care for someone who doesn't care for you... you deserve better...

    • Thank you. I've been trying really. I've been having relapse.

    • Lifes a rollercoaster... you just gotta ride it

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