Will she be more impressed by going to a more expensive place?

Or does it really make no difference? First date?


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  • It all really Depends on What type of girl you have Picked For... First date.
    If she is the kind who doesn't Mind simple and Inexpensive but yet fun filled without a lot of dead presidents, then she could very well be A... Keeper.
    However, with getting someone whom you are Not sure until you really get to know them, she just may Be... High maintenance and expect the Ritz and it isn't on a cracker.
    I have a cousin who one time found a girl whom he thought was very special. He found her on Christan Mingle. He took her out for the "First date" and found that she was this picky prude who with even giving her this beautiful butterfly necklace, which Was in good taste and quite lovely, complained that it wasn't Pricey enough And... Gave it back to him.
    He then took her on another date and they later ended up at a High maintained house party with all sorts of stuffy people and all through the night, everyone joked with him, making him feel bad, that he wasn't Driving A... BMW or Some Class ass model.
    Perhaps to be on the safe side, it might be best to feel things out before you take her Out as To... Where would you like to go?
    To end the story, which wasn't a Happy Ending, he gave Gina the boot, told her to keep all the pictures of him and her because he was Leaving... This not so saintly High to Heavens girl.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Quite the opposite in fact. Men who set a precedent of paying for women on dates are basically setting the tone of any future relationship. I wouldn't finance a relationship if I had a million bucks in the bank.

    Go for a coffee and walk, not a movie and not some roller coaster ride, just either coffee or a drink and set a time limit on it 1-2 hours. That way both of you know it's easy, won't cost a fortune and if it sucks you're not stuck there. Much more likely to make a good impression that way.


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  • First date should be pretty casual and simple for a few reasons: (1) it's cheaper, (2) it will put less pressure on the date, (3) you'll know she's going because she wants to see you and not just because of the superawesome things you may have planned

  • You might send the wrong message - or make the wrong impression.

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