Girls, do you think the majority of Mexican or Hispanic/Latino men in general are violent rapists, womanizers and wife beaters?

Just curious. It seem to be that American people and even Latina women, often make Mexican men like myself, out to be violent, misogynistic men who rapes, beat and control women which is far from the truth about myself as an individual. All I am is just a young man who just legally immigrated to the US (after many years of hard work and paperwork assisted by my parents) from Mexico and just started working to make a living for myself independently with no children or partner, along with going to college to study computer science and play for a soccer or futbol team.

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  • What? Just because Donald Trump is a giant douche doesn't mean the rest of us agree with him.

    • I've actually been wondering about this question long before Trump ever made his ignorant remarks about Mexican people on live TV for his presidential election.

    • Well, I've only ever dated one Mexican-American man, and he was as classy and respectful as any man I've ever known. If it had been up to me, we'd still be dating. When I lived in a neighborhood that was overwhelmingly first and second generation Mexican immigrants, my neighbors were mostly gracious and friendly people. There were some gangbangers who treated their girlfriends like arm candy, but young and stupid is the same in every ethnicity. I'm sure there are some rapists and womanizers in the population, same as any other, but my experience gives me no reason to judge Mexican people any differently than anyone else.

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  • They are actually very nice to me, I've never thought terrible things about them.

  • My boyfriend is Hispanic and he's definitely non of those lol