Guys, Keep him or leave him?

I've been talking to this guy for about a month and a half. The first couple of weeks he was really gung-ho but then after that he got a little distant. We have been intimate. I called him on it and he told me that he had a really bad break up 8 months prior that destroyed him and that he just wants to take things slowly. He added that he thought I was great and that if he didn't care he wouldn't text me every day and throughout the day. I told him that taking it slowly is fine.. I'm not looking to jump into anything either. I'm not interested in meeting his family yet or take those plunges but that I would like to spend more time with him and just hang out. My problem is this: We only hang out when I initiate. He NEVER asks to link up or do anything. I always have to make all of the plans. Sometimes when I ask he'll say he's tired or not in the mood that day. It just seems like I am the only one making effort to see him. I feel any other guy would be chomping at the bit to spend time with me. I stick around bc I do care about him and he is genuinely a good guy. Whenever I hint at things even in the nicest of tones - he gets defensive. I don't nag, I give him his space.. The early stages should be the easiest and most fun. I am pulling teeth and don't really know what to do, please help!


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  • Yeah... he's just not that into you.